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Every payment flow, one integration.

The Switch API uses the same abstractions for all transactions, regardless of them being synchronous, payins, payouts or marketplaces, redirection-based, pre-payments or post-payments, one-time or recurring. Scale your payments operation without any further development efforts.

Achieve redundancy and negotiation power through the access to multiple financial institutions.

By integrating with Switch you gain instant access to any financial institution without additional technological investment. This allows you to negotiate competitive contracts with all payment stakeholders.

Reach your customers locally.

Access 50+ local payment methods and local payment processors to provide customers a more convenient shopping experience while keeping a personalized checkout process.
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Create your custom payment channels.

Build convenient payment channels with custom authentication parameters. Switch's architecture supports financial transactions like credit-to-consumer and private label schemes and also virtual value schemes like loyalty and coupons.

Waiting on development? Forget about it.

With Dynamic Forms, you can incorporate new payment methods and providers without any changes to the code. Accelerate your go-to-market strategy.
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