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Do you think you have what it takes?

The Switch Way


Switch stands for simplicity — it is the shortest path to a solution. Because we don’t try to overfit, our product is adaptable to unpredictable future challenges.


Cognitive diversity is always welcome, but when debating internally, we make sure to leave our egos outside. The idea that best serves Switch’s interests will always win.


It’s never not our problem: we proactively approach challenges on our own. Here’s the catch though: "with great power comes great responsibility".


We don't just deliver, we make sure we exceed ourselves while doing so. We understand that going the extra mile leads to a positive mental attitude and builds loyalty around us.


We tirelessly work our way through challenges, failures, and adversity to achieve set goals. We do this because we understand that perseverance and passion — not intelligence — are the route for success.


We talk clearly, respectfully and honestly. We treasure transparency over BS, so make things easy for everyone and just speak your mind.


We mindfully choose continuous improvement over delayed perfection. This means we pragmatically prioritize tasks for maximum short-term output.

It's your story to tell.

Straight out of college.

Working at Switch has been a great learning experience since day one. So far, it has lead me to a professional development that I’d never dreamt possible, as a straight out of university hire.

João Bandeira

João Bandeira

Head of Product

Changing course.

I found myself contemplating a career change. I felt that I was meant to do something different. Switch was the perfect fit to re-write my own path. It has been an exciting journey so far.

Joana Brandão

Joana Brandão

Customer Success Manager

Work at Switch

Perks you'll have.

Healthy Choices.

Fresh fruit, healthy snacks, and warm soup always available at the office. Partnerships with gyms, surf schools, pharmacies, and nutrition supplement shops.

Medical Care.

Free health insurance program with dental plan included. Coverage in most clinics and hospitals.

Switch Weekend.

Yearly retreats in different locations in Portugal. Time off from work for leisure with the team.

Tune In.

Netflix and Spotify Premium accounts. No more ads in your playlists and never missing the show everyone’s talking about.

Learning Resources.

Free online programming courses for newcomers, and access to more than 200 books on the Switch Library.

Chilling Outside.

Regular hangouts at the park. Parque da Cidade in Porto or Parque Urbano do Jamor in Lisbon are 2 minutes away by foot from the office.

What we've been doing 👋🏼:



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